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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I have been reading.

Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith
YOu can see her list of books on this site.

Book one

This is the first book of two. Awakening and the struggle,

This series start was really good. I loved the book and instantly fell in love with the characters. I enjoyed this read from beginning to end. Elena has got be my fave damsel in distress. Stefan a sexy vamp hero, determined to stay away from Elena and she is compelled to make him hers. A series i would recommend anyone read.

Book two

is the Fury and dark reunuion

No matter how hard you try, you will instanty fall in love with Damon. He is one bad ass vampire, that lets no one stand in his way. Not even his brothers new love. What Damon tends to hide, is his love for a human girl too. Damon is the vampire of all vampires. The way vampires should be; evil with a hint of vulnerability where love is concerned powerful and conniving.
Another fantastic read from LJ Smith she is definitly a #1 hit on my fave authors list.

Book 3 the return: nightfall

Okay so the end of the book was rather intersting. I dont want to give anything away especially those of you following the show, not that the show has been following much of the book anyway. I'll harp on that later. What happens to Elena is rather interesting and unique. once again she does it, reels me in and I am a fan for life. Thank you L.J Smith for your wonderfully inspired characters it was a fantastic read. I would reread them again and again and I recommend to anyone who hasn't read them and loves vamp stories-> git 'r done!


Okay, soly my opinion of the vampire diaries show ... I have to say, and only because I have read the books, that i am a tiny bit disappointed with the show. Dont get me wrong I love all the actors they are doin such an awesome job with their characters there is no complaint there in the least. and i still watch it every week! they should have played bella and edward elena and stefan would have done a fantastice job in Twilight not that the movie needed much help. tweens go crazy for edward & jacob plus the books were great compared to the acting of Kristen stewart and rob patinson. BLAH take some acting lessons. NOW THAT is my opinion. althought i have had many others agree. lol. i just dont think Kristen fills the shoes of Bella what so ever, i pictured her in a whole other way. Rob, k he is pretty, but he isnt as velvety as edward should be. maybe they should read the book then their script and take it from there. IT IS CALLED researching your role i have heard actors doing that............:P ok this wasnt about twilight whole other post for that.
So to end this post I have to say Ian Somerhalder -> Damon Salvatore SEXY does an awesome job as Damon you love to hate him. also on twitter @iansomerhalder. Nina Dobrev -> Elena Gilbert beautiful does a awesome job as Elena. mind you the brown hair and brown eyes wasnt the same elena in the book she had blond hair and blue eyes and they way they talk about that is almost as if her hair and eyes were a character, so surprised they hired a brunette. but she is great! not sure if she is on twitter but here is one Twitter @ninadobrev.
and last but definitly not least Paul Wesley- as ">Stefan Salvatore fun site there not sure if he is on twitter. @wesley_paul Twitter its not verified neither is Nina but totally up to you to follow right. Ian is verified :).

Luv YOU L.J SMITH! keep writing i will keep reading!

What I have been reading.

Thirst No.1

Christopher Pike
I just finished reading the novel Thirst No1 by Christopher Pike. It was a great story cant wait to start book two. I love the MC Sita, she is a wicked vampire. The story is very different than Stephanie Meyers Twilight vampires. I did like Twilight dont get me wrong, but I like the old school vampires like Lestat by Anne Rice, where you fear vampires, but you cant help but love them. I'm all for a good thrill when I read a book & some romance thrown in to the mix fine by me. It was enjoyable and it took me a week to read it, between work and my kids. I hope to finish the second book faster 'cause I have another book on the list that I am dying to read. I think I might post what I have read and going to read in case anyone is interested in some good vamp novels.

Thirst No.2

I just finished reading Thirst no.2 by Christopher Pike

So I have to say that after reading this story it was different than I expected.
There was a biblical theme within in it. No specific religion but the essence of religion was there. I like the whole spiritual aspect of life that i enjoyed. Then ending got a tiny bit hokey for my taste but i read it to the end anyway what was funny was i couldnt put it down i needed to know what these other beings were! LOL. I would definitly in the end recommend this series to any vamp fan. I loved Sita as a character she was awesome.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keeping my head high.

I think that I will take a bit of a break from writing, I never wanted it to become a chore. I love to write but now I am feeling like I hate it.
After 7 re-writes of my query letter and re-formating my manuscript to what is acceptable and editing it over and over and still finding sporadic errors in the book. I decided to close up shop for at least a month take some time for my self and my family then try again when my brain has had a break.
I am still young and have plenty of time to become a published writer. that is my dream and I dont want to give up on that. What kind of a mom would I be if i gave up on my dreams but told my children to never give up.. Practice what you preach right that has always been my motto. Too many people give up on their dreams now a days because they seem so unreachable. Well no matter how much of a mountain I have to climb I will find that one great agent that believe's in my work as much as I do. My friends, family and co workers love my work and all I want to do it share it with the world. Having a career in writing would be a dream come true. everything that comes along with it is a bonus. :)


Friday, February 12, 2010


Okay, so this week I got my first rejection on my manuscript. No comments left as to why, just a plan sorry no. ugh. This is very FRUSTRATING! I may have an idea as to why since after I sent it, I sat down last week to re-read it and found quite a few errors. so needless to say she probably thought I was an amateur, I am in a way. but I will not give up. I will try and try again maybe try another story I have written after the one I have been pitching. See how that goes. Never give up.


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