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Lauren Miller's life has changed drastically after the death of her fiance Matthew. She moves back home to Portland from Los Angeles to help her mother. Lauren falls through a wormhole of emotions she is no used to. She meets up with old friends and soon enough is back to old habits. Through her best friend Cassie she meets a new beau...or two...

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recent Reads

So i started a series called The Flynn Brothers Trilogy by Heather Graham, Deadly Night was very good got me hooked immediately and I really enjoyed reading from a mans point of view it was very interesting how she captured that well. Then I completed last night Deadly Harvest which was a bit creepier staring the middle brother hearing his background and why he quit the force was fascinating. she really brings her characters together well. I am on the last book of the series about the younger brother and all story's keep all three brothers in touch with one another they help with the investigations. One may start it but in the end the other two help out. It really is a great read so far and sort of different than what I usually read but still has a mystical paranormal aspect to it.

I would recommend that anyone who enjoys a good ghost story with some police investigation in it this would be one to pick up and read.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This here is my latest Query letter.

Immortal Island – Spellbound is a 72,000 word manuscript targeted for Adult Romance / urban dark fantasy.

Set in contemporary times, off the coast of Connecticut on a remote island called, Coffman’s Isle. My heroine is a soft hearted beautiful young woman with intimacy and trust issues. Meaning, she always lets her emotions get the better of her and always trusts the wrong person. My hero is a very sexy, very old-fashioned vampire, who acts as the Sheriff on the island, along with his father, the Chief. When the two meet and discover something so strange, yet ancient between them, their lives are put in constant peril. There is plenty of tension, romance, passion and thrills to get your heart pumping, as you read every page.

There is more but that is mainly for the agent and personal information of mine.

So it has come along way, from 350 words down to this. very cut and dry but it has peaked the interest of a few agents.

Recent reads

Okay so this post is going to be about the most recent books I have read. Now remember these are just my opinions not looking for a battle or anything :).

1st up is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson. Let me just say that despite the Swedish language and a few words I had to look up to find out what they meant.( the words I had to look up were Gaol and Libel) It was a phenomenal read. I am very excited to read the next installment-> The Girl That Played With Fire. He is great, at describing his work so you can visualize it. A lot of books these days lack that, and usually wont be read by as many as they would hope. I watched the movie as well, after I read the book. I definitely preferred the book. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who can handle some graphic scenes. The book in paperback is about 841 pages took me a week to complete and I ordered the second book immediately as I finished.

2nd book was the final book to the blue bloods series. By far the best in the series however I did not love the writing. Everything felt like a cluster F*$& of situations (pardon my language) and it was a little annoying to have to look back and remember how that person is connected to that person and who is bonded to who and why and what kind of vampire/angel they were. This is soley my opinion. I knew a few that have read it and loved it but the shocker hit me when they introduced that the two bonded were also brother an sister. It was just a little too... weird. Young teens may enjoy it but anyone over 20 may find it over the top. (PLus vampires are angels just doesnt do it for me. They are two seperate beings) Everyone asked me why are you reading it if you dont enjoy it. Answer -> I started it I have to finish it. :) I wanted to see if it got any better. Needless to say I wont be reading the next installment.

Onto the next book which I am not enjoying either is LJ Smith's Forbidden Game, now let me put this out there-> I LOVE LJ Smith but this book is by far my least fave.
I am about half way through and want to put it down but I started it and I borrowed it so I need to at least give it a fair go before I say anything else about it.

I have also started Heather Graham's Brothers Flynn series and I really like it but have put it on hold till I am done Forbidden Game since it is one large book as appose to a mini series. I read the first 3 chapters and am excited to continue it.

Once I am done reading all the books that I have borrowed from friends and family. I will be going through the entire series of Anne Rices' vampire chronicles. I also borrowed her sleeping beauty series of books ( as A.N Roquelaure -pseudo). As for Vampire novels, I have almost completed the series there are a few more books I need to buy. I've read most of them years ago except for the more recent ones in the series. I did enjoy her Toby O'Dare novel and looking forward to reading the next book.

Sabrina :)


Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am sending out Query letters again. Started out with few at a time rather than a bunch all at once, that way I can track who I have sent it to.
So far out of the five that I have sent, one replied with in a few days, and it was a prtial manuscript request, the first 50 pages. The others I have not heard from just yet. Wish me luck.



Friday, October 1, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blue Bloods

WELL, what to say axactly. Its like gossip girl meets vampires meets hollywood.

The first book was interesting and sort of kept me wanting more however, once I reached the second book and they started to introduce this bizarre idea of what and how vampires came to be they lost me. As bizarre as vampires were decendants of angels who reincarnate when they are ready and continue to return as the same person and find their bond mate who jsut happens to also be their brother sister cousin, it is so wacky I cant even describe it. all confusing and now I am at the end of the book and not sure if I want to continue.
I think everyone is trying too hard to be the next 'edward and bella' and instead destroyed the main factor of what vampires really are. Dangerous, beautiful and conniving creature you love to hate. They are out for one thing very few seek kinship.
Anyway that is my opinion you do not have to agree. :) I will add something more if I change my mind once I am done this series.

Cheers. Melissa De La Cruz

The Immortals series

This series took a bit to get into but, once I reached the end of the series I was excited to read the next installment coming this december. The only things I did not like about it was the whole elixir, making them immortal. I actually thought it was a vampire series when I started but, in the end I grew to enjoy it. I would definitely recommend this book to paranormal fans. There is a touch of lust danger and lots of romance.

by Alyson Noel.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I am currently reading Richelle Mead's Blood Promise and it is fabulous. Well the beginning lost my interest some, but it was still an interesting read. I wanted more details on Dimitri and now that I am at that part I cannot put the book down. The vampire academy is a great series and I recommend you pick up a copy of the first book and enjoy.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Been Busy

Well, things have been busy at work, there are only 3 managers right now so I've been working a lot and no time or engery at the moment to read anything. I am reading vampire romances however, but not enjoying as much as I would, if I wasn't so dang tired every day. ugh. As soon as I can, vacation here I come.

I have been writing when the desire arises and I started a new novel. well I dont think it's quite long enough to be a full length novel maybe a novella. Hoping to pick up the next two books of vampire academy havent had much cash to get my hands on those, dying to read it. Anywho. I'll do a review for vampire romance in case anyone plans to read it. :)



Monday, July 5, 2010

Vampire Academy book 3 Shadow-kiss

So I finished the 3rd book in the series and it was really good. Some exciting things finally happened then bang! Dimitri and Rose split in the most unsuspecting way ever. I did not want that to happen and I hope somehow they can fix it. there is always that chance. I was hoping something would happen to Lissa not Dimitri. ugh. talk about a shitstorm. Rose never catches a break. Geeze.
I will be buying the next two books in the series this weekend. in the mean time I am reading some ADULT vampire romance books.



Thursday, July 1, 2010


Vampire Academy - Frostbite. by Richelle Mead

Another amazing book, took me only two days to complete it. and that is while working and taking care of kids oh and playing darts. :) I could not put it down and
work dragged on and on cause I couldnt read it until break or until I went home. I am glad I started this series only problem is i only own the first three books and I hvae to wait till pay day to buy the next two. ARG! As you can see I am an avid reader and spend a lot of money a month on books and I mean several books at a time. and I dont read them until I finish the series I am in. Vampire academy and just added a new fan to their list of millions already.

I have been talking to people about this book series, pc casts series, lj smith and I just added hush hush to my need to read and tell everyone about list.
AND So far out of all the people I have told, 4 of them have bought the book for sure and the others are going to be buying it.

I hope in the next few years someone is blogging about my story and how much they love it. :)



Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

WOW, I cannot even begin to say how much I loved this book. I am on goodreads and I posted on there how long it took me to read it and that the first few chapters did not grab me but a friend mentioned that it gets better so on sunday night i went to lie down and decided to give it another shot and i was hooked in after the third chapter. Main Character Rose is great, she is what a main character should be strong, fiestly and weak all at the same time. but not in that order. Richelle has an amazing way of drawing you into the story and it just made me want more. Dimirti the russian Vamp guard YOWZERS where can I get one. so great. I would recommend anyone read this. unless you are under 16 considering there is language in it. :)


The Den of Shadows Quartet

The den of shadows quartet. by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Normally I dont say I hate a book, so I wont say it, however, I have to say that I did not enjoy the book at all. It falls into my category of borig books along with Fallen by Lauren Kate. Now I wont be to harsh considering she was only 13 when she read the first of the four stories in the book.
I found it rather dull. I didnt even want to finish reading it but, I never put a book down till it is done. I spent my money on it better get use out of it. Kudos to her for publishing a book at such a young age. The last story in the book was the best out of all but still didnt captivate me like I wanted it too. I did like the main character the best and the vampire opposite her yet it was still not what I wanted it to be. Also what bothered me was a 13 year old writing about an age she had not even reached yet. so it sounded quite -- young. I would recommend it to anyone under 15 but anyone older than that it just wont make the cut.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fallen - by Tom E. Sniegoski.

I read this fantastic book called Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski.

-> exert -> On his eighteenth birthday, Aaron begins to hear strange voices and is convinced he is going insane. But having moved from foster home to foster home, Aaron doesn't know whom he can trust. He wants to confide in the cute girl from class, but fears she'll confirm he's crazy.

Then a mysterious man begins following Aaron. He knows about Aaron's troubled past and his new powers. And he has a message for Aaron: As the son of a mortal and an angel, Aaron has been chosen to redeem the Fallen.

Aaron tries to dismiss the news and resists his supernatural abilities. But he must accept his newfound heritage -- and quickly. For the dark powers are gaining strength, and are hell-bent on destroying him.... [close]

I was a little hesitant at first because the last book I read called fallen; I did not enjoy however, this one was great and I really enjoyed the MC; as a young male it's different than what I usually read and young men tend to have a sarcastic nature about them and its fun to read. I cannot wait for the next installment.

And thats all I have to say about that. :)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


WOW, I have got to say that this book by Becca Fitzpatrick far exceeded my expectations. I have been spreading the word to everyone to get their hands on a copy.
It was a fabulous book and I would read it again if i wanted too. It only took me 6 hours, yes i said that , 6 hours. I fell in love after the first chapter. It is a book I would recommend anyone read. It was Becca first novel as well and kudos to her for writing such a fantastic novel.

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. (you can find her on twitter, facebook and goodreads.)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Most recent writing news.

Hey there,

lately I have been posting my opinions on the books I have been reading. I love reading as you are well aware I'm sure. I like to give some insight on the stuff I have read, in case someone is looking to know how a book was. However, this note is about my own writing. I have to say I have, 4 unfinished stories on my desk that I have yet to figure out an end to. I have a little bit of writers block. Mostly frustrated with the lack of response my first 'completed' manuscript recieved. so I am tweaking it again. then sending it out . Anywho. that was all I had to say. :)



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Latest read

Okay, so the most recent book I read after the Shack, was a book called Fallen by Lauren Kate.

Well what to say... Took me about five days to complete this book, it was about 400 and some odd pages. I was about three quarters of the way through before any real action started to happen. To me, it felt as though the book dragged on. then to pick up several puncuation errors and one spelling error through me off. I remembered when I was asking for people to read my novel and tell me what was wrong with it only to have them rip it to shred because of 'puncuation' and 'grammar' was really frustrating to see that this went into print with errors in it. I thought the editor is supposed to pick up on this sort of thing. However, the book was not terrible but I do not think I will pick up the sequel which is disappointing.

If you like angels and a slow romance then its all right but if your are expecting to love the characters and get into the story they I wouldn't bother. everything felt so detached and cold.

I am on a new book called Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl and so far I am hooked, it is different than what I usually read, the MC is 16 yr old male and the girl is mysterious. Not entirely sure what it is about yet other than a curse, she isn't a vampire I figured that out possibly some sort of witch craft or voodoo but it makes me laugh and I really like the MC so far so and I am only three chapters in.

Sabrina :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Been awhile

YES, IT HAS been awhile since I was on. Sorry been super busy with work. However I was able to squeeze in some reading time and finished two books. Thought I would comment on them.

The first is the Shack by WM. Paul Young

It was the most interesting book that I have had the pleasure of reading. I would definitely recommend reading it. As usual the reviews on this book were good an bad. However with the bad, I really think, the critics didnt understand the big picture behind it. You dont have to be a christian to read it because it does not preach about God. However there is a very important role that God plays during the main part of the book. Thing is, Mack the MC, goes through something that many people all over the world have gone through. The loss of his youngest daughter. Everyone has doubts and blames God. The book is about Mack awakening and reinstated faith and forgiveness for the evil that is in this world. I found it enlightening and profound. I am not a religious person.

On the lighter side of things, or darker, (lmao) I read Tempted by P.C Cast, house of night series-> about Vampyres.

At first it took me a bit to get into it, but after half way through and some serious power reading it became really interesting and lured me in for more. The next book is due to come out this month and I am excited to get my hands on it. If you have not read any of the house of night series and you like the supernatural then check this out. it is a teen based novel but it is still great. It is about a girl named Zoey who in the very beginning was marked. Hence the first book of hte series. Once you are marked your life changes and you become a vampyre. Zoey's life is turned upside down and she is forced to accept a life she never wanted. Never the less Zoey has her ups and downs, good and bad days. She makes new friends and some very interesting boyfriends. Tempted is the 6th installment in the series with the 7th on shelves april 27th 2010.

I am currently, on to a new series today. only 5 pages in. Called FALLEN by Lauren KAte. will post my reviews once I am done.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry gone astray

Yes it has been a while since i posted. I have been reading a lot and started a new story in a genre I have never ventured before so been working on that. Not sharing that one as of yet. I put my completed manuscript on hold until I am able to find someone to read through it and edit it before I send it out again.

On another note I started to read a new series decided to put my vampire series i have on my book sheld on hold and try some fantasy. A co-worker/friend of mine lent me a book to see if I will enjoy it its called Wizards first Rule by Terry Goodkind.

I have gotten three chapters in so far, i have to say it is very different than what i normally read but I am enjoying the challenge and since this is the new genre i decided to venture into i figured best research is reading as many books of this kind. I will post what i think once I am done, it is 857 pages long and small print so probably take me about two weeks, as oppose to a week or less.
Not to mention i just added 6 more books to my reading list last week on my birthday. :) not to mention that i have at least 30 to read still from prior purchases. and if i get addicted to the sword of truth series. :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I have been reading.

Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith
YOu can see her list of books on this site.

Book one

This is the first book of two. Awakening and the struggle,

This series start was really good. I loved the book and instantly fell in love with the characters. I enjoyed this read from beginning to end. Elena has got be my fave damsel in distress. Stefan a sexy vamp hero, determined to stay away from Elena and she is compelled to make him hers. A series i would recommend anyone read.

Book two

is the Fury and dark reunuion

No matter how hard you try, you will instanty fall in love with Damon. He is one bad ass vampire, that lets no one stand in his way. Not even his brothers new love. What Damon tends to hide, is his love for a human girl too. Damon is the vampire of all vampires. The way vampires should be; evil with a hint of vulnerability where love is concerned powerful and conniving.
Another fantastic read from LJ Smith she is definitly a #1 hit on my fave authors list.

Book 3 the return: nightfall

Okay so the end of the book was rather intersting. I dont want to give anything away especially those of you following the show, not that the show has been following much of the book anyway. I'll harp on that later. What happens to Elena is rather interesting and unique. once again she does it, reels me in and I am a fan for life. Thank you L.J Smith for your wonderfully inspired characters it was a fantastic read. I would reread them again and again and I recommend to anyone who hasn't read them and loves vamp stories-> git 'r done!


Okay, soly my opinion of the vampire diaries show ... I have to say, and only because I have read the books, that i am a tiny bit disappointed with the show. Dont get me wrong I love all the actors they are doin such an awesome job with their characters there is no complaint there in the least. and i still watch it every week! they should have played bella and edward elena and stefan would have done a fantastice job in Twilight not that the movie needed much help. tweens go crazy for edward & jacob plus the books were great compared to the acting of Kristen stewart and rob patinson. BLAH take some acting lessons. NOW THAT is my opinion. althought i have had many others agree. lol. i just dont think Kristen fills the shoes of Bella what so ever, i pictured her in a whole other way. Rob, k he is pretty, but he isnt as velvety as edward should be. maybe they should read the book then their script and take it from there. IT IS CALLED researching your role i have heard actors doing that............:P ok this wasnt about twilight whole other post for that.
So to end this post I have to say Ian Somerhalder -> Damon Salvatore SEXY does an awesome job as Damon you love to hate him. also on twitter @iansomerhalder. Nina Dobrev -> Elena Gilbert beautiful does a awesome job as Elena. mind you the brown hair and brown eyes wasnt the same elena in the book she had blond hair and blue eyes and they way they talk about that is almost as if her hair and eyes were a character, so surprised they hired a brunette. but she is great! not sure if she is on twitter but here is one Twitter @ninadobrev.
and last but definitly not least Paul Wesley- as ">Stefan Salvatore fun site there not sure if he is on twitter. @wesley_paul Twitter its not verified neither is Nina but totally up to you to follow right. Ian is verified :).

Luv YOU L.J SMITH! keep writing i will keep reading!

What I have been reading.

Thirst No.1

Christopher Pike
I just finished reading the novel Thirst No1 by Christopher Pike. It was a great story cant wait to start book two. I love the MC Sita, she is a wicked vampire. The story is very different than Stephanie Meyers Twilight vampires. I did like Twilight dont get me wrong, but I like the old school vampires like Lestat by Anne Rice, where you fear vampires, but you cant help but love them. I'm all for a good thrill when I read a book & some romance thrown in to the mix fine by me. It was enjoyable and it took me a week to read it, between work and my kids. I hope to finish the second book faster 'cause I have another book on the list that I am dying to read. I think I might post what I have read and going to read in case anyone is interested in some good vamp novels.

Thirst No.2

I just finished reading Thirst no.2 by Christopher Pike

So I have to say that after reading this story it was different than I expected.
There was a biblical theme within in it. No specific religion but the essence of religion was there. I like the whole spiritual aspect of life that i enjoyed. Then ending got a tiny bit hokey for my taste but i read it to the end anyway what was funny was i couldnt put it down i needed to know what these other beings were! LOL. I would definitly in the end recommend this series to any vamp fan. I loved Sita as a character she was awesome.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keeping my head high.

I think that I will take a bit of a break from writing, I never wanted it to become a chore. I love to write but now I am feeling like I hate it.
After 7 re-writes of my query letter and re-formating my manuscript to what is acceptable and editing it over and over and still finding sporadic errors in the book. I decided to close up shop for at least a month take some time for my self and my family then try again when my brain has had a break.
I am still young and have plenty of time to become a published writer. that is my dream and I dont want to give up on that. What kind of a mom would I be if i gave up on my dreams but told my children to never give up.. Practice what you preach right that has always been my motto. Too many people give up on their dreams now a days because they seem so unreachable. Well no matter how much of a mountain I have to climb I will find that one great agent that believe's in my work as much as I do. My friends, family and co workers love my work and all I want to do it share it with the world. Having a career in writing would be a dream come true. everything that comes along with it is a bonus. :)


Friday, February 12, 2010


Okay, so this week I got my first rejection on my manuscript. No comments left as to why, just a plan sorry no. ugh. This is very FRUSTRATING! I may have an idea as to why since after I sent it, I sat down last week to re-read it and found quite a few errors. so needless to say she probably thought I was an amateur, I am in a way. but I will not give up. I will try and try again maybe try another story I have written after the one I have been pitching. See how that goes. Never give up.


Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well, been a little busy with real life this week. I finished my second book in the Immortal Series. Now I just need to edit it, over and over and over again. There isn't a rush to complete yet. since I dont have an agent yet so I have time to tweak it then tweak it somemore. I think I like how I ended it this time. Now to get some friends to read it and tell me what they think. then I can move forward.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Immortal Island - Part One

new query just for the first part of the book. not the entire book.

Sarah’s parents live on an island called, Coffman’s Isle. What she doesn’t know, is that it is full of immortals. Sarah has visions of people and places she has never seen before. Her best friend Jeff; is also her college roommate and ex-boyfriend, who doesn’t hide the fact that he still loves her. Sarah’s parents are missing, so she goes to the Coffman’s isle police department to report it. That’s where she runs into the mysterious deputy named Chase. They have an instant attraction, but he appears to be secretive. Things become very hectic and Sarah’s life is in constant peril. There is a man in black named Zadkiel, who appears out of nowhere whenever she is alone. Chase tells her that Zadkiel is a vampire which he knows because he is one also. Chase is summoned to the council for breaking the law, leaving Sarah to fend for herself. She meets a high priestess, who is murdered by a pack of werewolves before they are able to piece everything together. With every turn there is a life or death situation, which forces Sarah to face the man who wants her dead. Sarah is at the end of her rope and the police cannot find her parents. Chase hasn’t returned from the council and now Zadkiel has requested her attendance to his masquerade, where she has no choice but to play his game or die.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Well, I got some feedback on the query I wrote. lol I was expecting it to be harsh. I hate writing queries, really I do. I wish that they werent necessary, but they are and they are frutrating. However, I do want to follow the guidelines that publishers and agents have up. I dont want to give away the plot but you cant keep them guessing either so what to do now. I will rewrite it again (ARG) and re-submit it to EE see what he has to say about it. Every one likes Erick even in other forums, maybe he should have been the main character lol. possibly a sequel to the sequel.


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Immortal isnt the frist book I ever finished, but it is the first one I am trying to get published. I wrote it about 9 years ago and gave up my dream to become a writer. I threw it in a box with everythig else I had ever written, since I was a teen and just forgot about it. IT wasn't until a year ago that I was inspired by a picture of Kate Winslet, to start writing again.

If I can post a photo of the one that inspired me I will try so you can see it.

I pulled out my old vampire novel that I had packed away and read it over. Boy was I glad I hadn't try to pitch it then. It was horrible. (lol) So I rewrote it and shared it with a few close friends who loved it Then I decided to really work on it and get it to the point of finding an agent and go from there. I took that extra step this time. I completed it edited myself and had a friend help with it. Then sent out my first set of queries last march.
I think i mailed about 25 letters. recieved them all back with sorry not for us, we are not taking new clients, or just a plane no. Yes very disheartened and wanted to give up but i did not. I bought the novel and short story writers market guide and tried again. This time emailing agents and publishers that were going green. once again. all no's but very kind no's. Then finally about two months ago jsut as i started to revise my query again and redo my story and make it a bit darker and try another genre I got an email requeting my full manuscript. AS you coulod imagine I was estatic I had redone my story and wasnt even hald way through and the word count had dropped and it wasnt tying into my second part yet. What do i do? well after debating on sending the drefull email that i revised my book adn it wasnt ready any more I typed up the email and sent it waiting witha heavy heart with a moving on letter. BUT NO they were willing to wait.
SO needless to say no I am playing the waiting game as they review the book. nervous as I am i still decided to revise my query again just in case. my motto 'alway be prepared.' I am sure that is everyones motto :)

Photos you can view -> PhotobucketSabrina

Friday, January 15, 2010

Agent time again

Hey there, so I redid my query once again as frustrating at that is. I really am not good at summarizing my story into 300 words. lol I just cant seem to do it. So now that I have rewritten it it is about 700 words. YIKES way over what they want but if I cut it down to 300 it seems like point form and informal. I swear writing a query is almost like torture for an author. ARG not sure what to do maybe if I post it here see what all you have to say. I work on it some more. I am always willing to perfect my writing. :)

Everything but the opening and closing sentence. It is formal and straight forward as any query should be. it is the middle I am struggling with. I have also added extra spacing so that it is easier to read and not chunked all together. ( the query it is actualy double spaced. Cheers..)

Sarah Daniels begins having visions of events that do not make any sense to her. But when she sees her parents' death, she must act. She goes to the small island where they live and reports them missing. In the sheriff's office she meets a handsome yet mysterious Undersheriff named Chase Gavenport, who she has a unique attraction to.

Things start to unravel every day she spends on the island. Then a strange man dressed in all black Zadkiel, begins to stalk her while at her parents’ home. Chase saves her from the attack from Zadkiel and they become close. Chase eventually reveals to her that he is a vampire and also tells her what the man in black wants.

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Jeff, decides to complicate things even more by adding himself to the equation. He reveals that he is still in love with her and wants her back. Sarah can’t decide what she wants. They share a house just off campus with close friends and things start to really heat up.

She must choose between the vampire and the life of uncertainty he brings with him, or her best friend and ex-boyfriend who loves her because of what he thinks she is. A power is growing in her that she can't control and draws the preternatural beings of her new world to her. Her human friends can't help with the constant peril in her life. Witches, warlocks, were-animals and shape-shifters hunt her to claim her newfound power.

Chase disappears and no one will tell her where he is. While she searches frantically for him, Erick, a strange, angelic man saves her three times from the nightmare her life has become. Despite his white knight appearance, he too is a vampire.

After an exhausted effort at protecting herself without Chase around she then receives a mysterious letter. Hoping it is information about Chase and where he could be, instead she is invited to a Midnight Masquerade ball? Being thrown by the vilest of creatures out there, Zadkiel. She is warned that there is no way out of the invite. She will have to attend and fend for her life or die.

Zadkiel has no sympathy for human kind and would rather rid his world of them. During the sadistic game of cat and mouse Zadkiel tortures Sarah even more Chase, Ambrose and Erick are there to play the game. Chase has no memory of her, Ambrose is intrigued and Erick is full of sorrow. Then Zadkiel adds another twist when he hands her a pregnancy test complicating the game even further. Sarah must do what she can to save her life and the life now inside her…

After surviving the Masquerade with no help from chase and blood transfer from Ambrose, her unborn child (or is it children) are now infected with vampire blood. Now it's a waiting game. To see whether or not her children will live and be vampires killing her in the process with their savage birth, or if they are healthy and unharmed by the blood that was so easily given to her by the same vampire who on many occasions attempted take her life.

Ambrose and Sarah will forever be connected from that day forward. How will the father take the news let alone the truth of what they could be?
It turns out that the twins are affected by the vampire virus yet in different ways. Alaina is half vampire and half human, she prefers to drink blood. Wyatt is human but has all the abilities a vampire has, however he is more unique than they know... His blood is the key, the cure to vampirism.

and that is it.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Beginnings

Well to day is my first blog, I am not entirely sure what I want to talk about just yet, but This year I plan to revise my Query one last time and send letters out. My book is altered some what and will be different than the ones I sent out before. I may decide to post some snippets of the books i have written maybe get some loyal readers.
Well like my profile says I am an aspiring writer. I have been writing stories since I can remember. Poetry made its way into my world in highschool and I wrote poems for years, now I concentrate more on short stories and novels. Well I hope that my blog is exciting enough to get and keep soem followes sooo... as cheesy as this may sound let the BLOGS begin ;0)

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Night World, No. 1: Secret Vampire; Daughters of Darkness; Spellbinder (Night World, #1-3)
Night World, No. 2: Dark Angel; The Chosen; Soulmate
Night World, No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight
The Fury and Dark Reunion
The Awakening and The Struggle
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
City of Bones
City of Ashes
City of Glass
Beautiful Creatures
Spirit Bound

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Spellbound Spellbound (Immortal Island, #1)
reviews: 20
ratings: 40 (avg rating 4.12)

The Vampire Masquerade The Vampire Masquerade ( Immortal Island, #2)
reviews: 8
ratings: 21 (avg rating 4.33)

The Fallen The Fallen (Immortal Island, #3)
reviews: 8
ratings: 16 (avg rating 4.12)

The Reckoning The Reckoning (Immortal Island, #4)
reviews: 5
ratings: 7 (avg rating 4.57)

A New Witch In town A New Witch In town
reviews: 1
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)