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Immortal Island Series

A fast paced Paranormal love story set in contemporary times. It combines a diverse and intriguing lovable set of characters, with an unrelenting sense of how powerful immortality really is. Sarah a human is thrown in the middle of it all.

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The Vampire Masquerade
The Fallen
The Reckoning

New Paranormal Series out Feat Avery Snow
Meet Avery Snow, a clairvoyant witch that speaks to the dead. In this series, Avery goes through supernatural situations that everyday people turn a blind eye to. Join Avery in her journey of self-discovery and mysterious adventures that will keep you guessing to the very end.

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Vol 2 coming soon...

Also a new contemporary Romance by Sabrina Ross

Lauren Miller's life has changed drastically after the death of her fiance Matthew. She moves back home to Portland from Los Angeles to help her mother. Lauren falls through a wormhole of emotions she is no used to. She meets up with old friends and soon enough is back to old habits. Through her best friend Cassie she meets a new beau...or two...

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Medieval Times

Had a blast tonight with my entire family at Medieval Times in Toronto Ontario. If you have not been I suggest you make time. It is so much fun and any age and gender will love it. My first time there was years ago and we had the green knight as our knight. This time we had the red and yellow knight and I swear our sections was the loudest. Good thing since we won the event. I would definitely do Medieval times again and I suggest you do to. A great night out with some fantastic food.
Cheers Sabrina

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Concert Pic's

Had a blast on December 14th at the Three Days Grace concert with friends and family and new friends! It has been a while since I have gone to see a band play. Feels like forever. Now I have the bug again and thinking I am going to get in a few concerts next year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My books series is paranormal fiction for new adults. The series is four books in total. I have thought about adding a fifth book but nothing is in the works. I have been working on something else for a while now.
Book one Spellbound (Immortal Island Series) Where my main character is introduced to Chase and learns of secrets about her past and secrets about the people she loves. Book 2 The Vampire Masquerade(Immortal Island Series) The main Character Sarah is faced with many challenging decisions all of which affect her future. Chase returns but things are different.
Book 3 The Fallen (Immortal Island Series) Sarah must put all her feelings aside and do what is best for her family and the man she loves, Chase. Book 4 The Reckoning (Immortal Island Series) Betrayal love and lust play a major role in this book and Chase has some decisions to make and feats to face. Sarah is lost to him forever...or is she?
Right now Book one is available at on any e-reader format for .99 cents. as of January 1st it will be back to regular price.

All my books are available on: Barnes&
Hope to see more reviews in the new year. :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I did! And I did it and in record time. I reached 50,000 words in less than 30 days. Then I even pushed further and reached 76,579 words in 29 days. I am very excited about this.  At least I know I have it in me to write under pressure! Then again, when the brain juices are flowing anything is possible. I do go through slumps and am not able to write anything for months but then I can finished 3 complete 60,000 word novels in a four months span editing not included.  Now onto the editing process of this novel Hard To Love, I am in love with it. I cant wait to begin sharing it.


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Night World, No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight
The Fury and Dark Reunion
The Awakening and The Struggle
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Spellbound Spellbound (Immortal Island, #1)
reviews: 20
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The Vampire Masquerade The Vampire Masquerade ( Immortal Island, #2)
reviews: 8
ratings: 21 (avg rating 4.33)

The Fallen The Fallen (Immortal Island, #3)
reviews: 8
ratings: 16 (avg rating 4.12)

The Reckoning The Reckoning (Immortal Island, #4)
reviews: 5
ratings: 7 (avg rating 4.57)

A New Witch In town A New Witch In town
reviews: 1
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