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Immortal Island Series

A fast paced Paranormal love story set in contemporary times. It combines a diverse and intriguing lovable set of characters, with an unrelenting sense of how powerful immortality really is. Sarah a human is thrown in the middle of it all.

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The Vampire Masquerade
The Fallen
The Reckoning

New Paranormal Series out Feat Avery Snow
Meet Avery Snow, a clairvoyant witch that speaks to the dead. In this series, Avery goes through supernatural situations that everyday people turn a blind eye to. Join Avery in her journey of self-discovery and mysterious adventures that will keep you guessing to the very end.

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Vol 2 coming soon...

Also a new contemporary Romance by Sabrina Ross

Lauren Miller's life has changed drastically after the death of her fiance Matthew. She moves back home to Portland from Los Angeles to help her mother. Lauren falls through a wormhole of emotions she is no used to. She meets up with old friends and soon enough is back to old habits. Through her best friend Cassie she meets a new beau...or two...

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kindred Spirits

Working to publish Kindred Spirits looking for beta readers. Its a rough draft so not looking for grammar or spelling just thots on overall story. Interested then reply to post or inbox me on goodreads. Its an adult paranormal story, with werewolves. Its the first draft as well so when its all said and done cud vary a lot. Cheers have a good day.

Heroine - Grace doesn't know she is a werewolf. Kept at bay due to panic attacks she had as a child and her father put her on medication. Starts having erotic dreams about a man she never met before then she meets him and learns what they are and who she is. An old friend who was her first love returns just as she learns about her true self only to learn that he is one also and he had known she was different.

Alpha - Logan self made millionaire looking for a mate. Beta - Andrew Logan right hand man since college. doesn't know that Logan has his sights on Grace his one true love. Alice is Grace's Manager owns her own art gallery and he love interest of one of he pack members Greg. the rest of the pack is Max, David, Tyler and Luke

Graham is the villian along with his right hand man Tommasso as vile as they come.

Graham wants Logan's empire and Logan wants Grace to be alpha female so they can become a stronger pack with an unbreakable bond, only Grace and Andrew don't know that is his plan until they come face to face for the first time in ten years. Grace and Andrews connections grows strong the closer they are but Andrew is the beta and must not disobey his alpha unless he plans to challenge him and win. Graham decides to stir things up and take what they both want. Grace, he will use her a leverage in every way he can even if it means turning her against them.

Again this is a very rough draft, what i am looking for ONLY is story flow and the overall story itself. what should i remove or add or add more of. Should there be more sex and more explicit or tamer?

Thanks ahead of time cant wait to hear from you all.

Sabrina Ross

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


My books series is paranormal fiction for new adults. The series is four books in total. I have thought about adding a fifth book but nothing is in the works. I have been working on something else for a while now. Book one Spellbound (Immortal Island Series) Where my main character is introduced to Chase and learns of secrets about her past and secrets about the people she loves. Book 2 The Vampire Masquerade(Immortal Island Series) The main Character Sarah is faced with many challenging decisions all of which affect her future. Chase returns but things are different. Book 3 The Fallen (Immortal Island Series) Sarah must put all her feelings aside and do what is best for her family and the man she loves, Chase. Book 4 The Reckoning (Immortal Island Series) Betrayal love and lust play a major role in this book and Chase has some decisions to make and feats to face. Sarah is lost to him forever...or is she? Right now Book one is available at on any e-reader format for .99 cents. as of January 1st it will be back to regular price. All my books are available on: Barnes& Kobo Hope to see more reviews in the new year. :) Cheers Sabrina


Hard to love is now available in ebook and paperback get your copy today.
Hard To Love
Hard To Love
Hard To Love
Hard To Love paperback
Now available hope to hear your thoughts on the story very soon!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hard to love

Finally done editing my new book Hard to Love. Now for the final preparation and order a proof before publishing it to the public. So excited about this book, had some very good reviews! Thanks to my beta readers at good reads and here at home and to the editor for all your help and advice.
Hard To Love is set to release in January 2015.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oct 15 is Infant loss Awareness day

Most of you don't know this about me, but in 2003 i lost my son. I was 9 months pregnant and had no issues prior to this day. So to find out 4 weeks before his due date that he had died was heartbreaking to say the least. I do little things here at home and at the cemetery to keep his memory alive. I may have not had the pleasure of knowing him but i knew him well enough as he grew inside. I will never forget him for as long as I live.

I ask that you light a candle at 7;00 pm today on Oct 15th in memory or all our children that were taken too soon.


It has been a long time since I have updated my blog.
However, I am hoping that I will have more time to do this in the near future. I have stopped by today to announce that in 2015 there will be a new book released from me called, Hard to Love. It is a coming of age romance novel about a girl name Lauren Miller, who loses her fiance in a terrible car crash and finds a way to move on, a year after the fact. There are some fun and colourful characters in the story that you will love to hate. The story is comical at times and some have even said felt like they were reading a real conversation between the characters. I have had several beta readers tell me they cant wait to buy a physical copy of the story. I hope you will all get in line and order your copy as soon as it is available.

Well until next time, I bid you adieu...

Cheers Sabrina

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Here is the folder, there is no time limit on this just, please vote when you can. either click like, or comment. I have some editing to do on the story itself but these are the ideas I have for a cover. Story is called Hard to Love and the Main Character is Lauren Miller and man of interest or should i say interests are Mason Foster and Nick Porter. It is a love triangle romance set in contemporary times. The two men are half brothers one is the prodigy the other is the misfit lol. typical I know. Any who I hope you like what you see and can decide which is the best. Green is the theme with this book and or black, grey and white. (These are all template so how the set up is is only how it goes the only control I have is colour image and font.) HAVE FUN VOTING!!!! Voting Contest

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Immortal Island Series

Here on Smashwords you can sign up for free and get millions of books for free or at a great price. They have all kinds of genre's. They also offer several different types of formats. Kobo, Kindle included. My entire series is available here as well as and barnes&nobles. same formats offered at smashwords. can use paypal to pay as well. Immortal Island Series Start my series today and give a review. Support Canadian Indie Authors. Each page has info on the book and a sample chapter.

Book 1 Blurb, What if everything you ever believed was a lie and everyone around you, was not who they appeared to be? Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you or that someone is following you but when you turn around, no one is there. Did you ever experience déjà vu, or run into someone who had that familiar face but you swear you have met him or her before. To read more on this book click here

Book 2 Blurb, Sarah will have to make some serious life and death decisions and not all of them are about her. To read more click here

Book 3 Blurb, Sarah must take back what is hers, and the only way to do this, is to find her daughter and bring her home. To read more click here

Book 4 Blurb,

Chase is determined to find Sarah and bring her out of hiding once and for all. The council has been defeated. They can finally be together as they were destined to be. The fourth book in the series of Immortal Island starts off in Chase's perspective, until Sarina is introduced then it alternates. To read more click here


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