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Friday, January 15, 2010

Agent time again

Hey there, so I redid my query once again as frustrating at that is. I really am not good at summarizing my story into 300 words. lol I just cant seem to do it. So now that I have rewritten it it is about 700 words. YIKES way over what they want but if I cut it down to 300 it seems like point form and informal. I swear writing a query is almost like torture for an author. ARG not sure what to do maybe if I post it here see what all you have to say. I work on it some more. I am always willing to perfect my writing. :)

Everything but the opening and closing sentence. It is formal and straight forward as any query should be. it is the middle I am struggling with. I have also added extra spacing so that it is easier to read and not chunked all together. ( the query it is actualy double spaced. Cheers..)

Sarah Daniels begins having visions of events that do not make any sense to her. But when she sees her parents' death, she must act. She goes to the small island where they live and reports them missing. In the sheriff's office she meets a handsome yet mysterious Undersheriff named Chase Gavenport, who she has a unique attraction to.

Things start to unravel every day she spends on the island. Then a strange man dressed in all black Zadkiel, begins to stalk her while at her parents’ home. Chase saves her from the attack from Zadkiel and they become close. Chase eventually reveals to her that he is a vampire and also tells her what the man in black wants.

Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Jeff, decides to complicate things even more by adding himself to the equation. He reveals that he is still in love with her and wants her back. Sarah can’t decide what she wants. They share a house just off campus with close friends and things start to really heat up.

She must choose between the vampire and the life of uncertainty he brings with him, or her best friend and ex-boyfriend who loves her because of what he thinks she is. A power is growing in her that she can't control and draws the preternatural beings of her new world to her. Her human friends can't help with the constant peril in her life. Witches, warlocks, were-animals and shape-shifters hunt her to claim her newfound power.

Chase disappears and no one will tell her where he is. While she searches frantically for him, Erick, a strange, angelic man saves her three times from the nightmare her life has become. Despite his white knight appearance, he too is a vampire.

After an exhausted effort at protecting herself without Chase around she then receives a mysterious letter. Hoping it is information about Chase and where he could be, instead she is invited to a Midnight Masquerade ball? Being thrown by the vilest of creatures out there, Zadkiel. She is warned that there is no way out of the invite. She will have to attend and fend for her life or die.

Zadkiel has no sympathy for human kind and would rather rid his world of them. During the sadistic game of cat and mouse Zadkiel tortures Sarah even more Chase, Ambrose and Erick are there to play the game. Chase has no memory of her, Ambrose is intrigued and Erick is full of sorrow. Then Zadkiel adds another twist when he hands her a pregnancy test complicating the game even further. Sarah must do what she can to save her life and the life now inside her…

After surviving the Masquerade with no help from chase and blood transfer from Ambrose, her unborn child (or is it children) are now infected with vampire blood. Now it's a waiting game. To see whether or not her children will live and be vampires killing her in the process with their savage birth, or if they are healthy and unharmed by the blood that was so easily given to her by the same vampire who on many occasions attempted take her life.

Ambrose and Sarah will forever be connected from that day forward. How will the father take the news let alone the truth of what they could be?
It turns out that the twins are affected by the vampire virus yet in different ways. Alaina is half vampire and half human, she prefers to drink blood. Wyatt is human but has all the abilities a vampire has, however he is more unique than they know... His blood is the key, the cure to vampirism.

and that is it.


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