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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I love writing.
100% of the time I do.
The hardest part I find is finding an agent that believes in your work as much as you do.
That and my grammar and punctuation seem to be my nemeses.
I wish I could hire a ghost writer with impeccable writing skills. Give them my story and see how it turns out. I'm not a bad writer nor am I a beginner. I just need some --er refresher in detecting the errors of my way, when it comes to my writing. It is not easy to edit your own work but there aren't many people out there that want to really pick it apart for free.
When I write I dont stop until the story is completely out of my head. Which I am sure most writers do. I find that if I stop to edit while I write, I dont end up finishing the story.
I use several tools while writing. I find it works well.
- Pen and paper. Whether its loose leaf paper or a subject book.
- Music for inspiration. I choose the music fitted to the genre I am currently writing.
- Pictures of the charcters. (by this I mean if I need a blond woman I do a google search for blonde females or actress' that suit my characters features and save it in the folder for that book. I do that for all characters involved in the story.)
- I read a lot of whatever genre I decide to take a shot at. I will look up the genre and search for books that interests me.
- Watch movies in that genre
- Even google searches on the elements of my story be it paranormal, romance or horror.

It's fun researching while writing too. You can learn a lot just by looking it up to see other peoples perspectives. When I really got into writing about vampires it was fun to read all the different ideas everyone had on what a vampire is. Mind you I am a huge fan of the super scary, dangerous yet unbelievably irresistible vampires over the sparkly ones. (I am a twilight fan too)
It is a fun genre to write because with vampires you can pretty much make anything you want happen. It doesn't matter if it's true because vampires arent real. Well I guess it's not just vampires but any paranormal creature/character you create. There are no limits when writing them. Well without making it sound ridiculous... However even ridiculous stories seems to make it to a recognized publisher these days. *sigh*
Anywho that is my post for today. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
xoxo Sabrina

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