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A fast paced Paranormal love story set in contemporary times. It combines a diverse and intriguing lovable set of characters, with an unrelenting sense of how powerful immortality really is. Sarah a human is thrown in the middle of it all.

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The Fallen
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New Paranormal Series out Feat Avery Snow
Meet Avery Snow, a clairvoyant witch that speaks to the dead. In this series, Avery goes through supernatural situations that everyday people turn a blind eye to. Join Avery in her journey of self-discovery and mysterious adventures that will keep you guessing to the very end.

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Also a new contemporary Romance by Sabrina Ross

Lauren Miller's life has changed drastically after the death of her fiance Matthew. She moves back home to Portland from Los Angeles to help her mother. Lauren falls through a wormhole of emotions she is no used to. She meets up with old friends and soon enough is back to old habits. Through her best friend Cassie she meets a new beau...or two...

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Monday, May 13, 2013



I am so excited to share this with everyone. I have had several reviews since the book came out but every time there is a new one it still excites me. I love hearing this stuff. Review can also been seen on Shelfari, Amazon, Tome Tender, Tome Tender fb, Barnes & Noble, Twitter & Google.


I have had my share of good and bad and I take all reviews to heart. I want both good and bad because I want to become a better writer. I want to know what I did wrong or what I should keep doing. The one thing I am proud of, is the fact that everyone who reads it says they can visualize the story as they read it, because of how I write. I will continue to write that way. It is also what I love about a story when I read.
Thanks to Dianne for this great review. Cant wait to see what she has to say about the next 3 books in the series. :)

*********REVIEW SPOILERS BELOW**********

Read on May 11, 2013 By Dianne's Review

Immortal Island #1, Spellbound by S. L. Ross will draw you in slowly as college student, Sarah Daniels is dreading her commitment to her parents to return to their island home and cat sit while they are away in Zurich. There is just something creepy about her parents’ big old house, although beautiful, Sarah knows there is “just something” that totally creeps her out about being there, is it the shadowy figures? The objects that seem to move themselves, only to be found in the weirdest places later? Too bad these problems are soon to become minor issues in the Sarah’s life when she gets sucked into the middle of a world she never knew existed where her very human self is a threat to the immortal paranormal world!

Sarah’s world is taking a turn for the “weird” when she realizes she is having visions and the people in those visions start showing up in her life! Enter one hot vision, Chase, whose touch is electrifying, whose looks are to die for and we have instant chemistry and a feeling of having known him before! Meanwhile, Jeff, Sarah’s equally hot ex-boyfriend with the controlling mother and lack of self-control still wants Sarah, even though their breakup was four years prior. Let’s not forget the creepy house, and the island it’s on! What is it about its inhabitants? Poor Sarah, confused is hardly adequate to describe how she feels, as she learns about what Chase is, who she is, what Jeff is! Not only does she have feelings for both men, but now her parents are missing, and her life is in danger as she is thrown headlong into the world of supernaturals! Who is she really???? What is her role in the immortal world? Who is right for her, Chase or Jeff? Where are her parents? For that matter, where is that stupid cat?

S. L. Ross took her time building the world in which Sarah finds herself, filled it with rich detail and gut-knotting twists and surprises at every corner! Sarah’s mental acrobatics as she narrates the story from her POV adds to the tension perfectly! I swear I was there with her, (okay, so maybe sometimes I “wish” I was there with her)! Each character was given a well-defined personality and role to play with just enough mystery and intrigue to keep me guessing as their lives were peeled apart, layer by layer and their secrets unfold! The dialogue was playing in my mind in realtime, I swear I was really “hearing” what was said, complete with the emotional inflections. Nice job, Ms. Ross! Now you have ME hearing things!

Be warned, hang on tight at the end so you don’t go over the edge of this HUGE cliffhanger! Talk about a great draw into NEEDING book two! 4.5 Stars!




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